Is it worth it to buy a refurbished desktop in Buffalo, NY?

A refurbished desktop in Buffalo, NY is seen by many people as a risky investment. Most people prefer brand new products and the word refurbished tends to throw them off. In the used car market, most dealerships reassure their customers with phrases like “certified used cars”. These cars are critically inspected. Every detail is looked at and the history of the car is scrutinized for any flaw. They make sure that any defect is reported or updated. Little do most people know that manufacturers and most independent retailers scrutinize refurbish desktops in the same way.

Manufacturers have to pass refurbished products through a very stringent process. Not only are the parts that were defective tested but the functionality of the computer as a whole. Only when the computer is passed through the tests is it available to be sold again. These tests almost guarantee that the product is in working order. In fact, you are probably more likely to take back a brand new desktop because of a defect than a refurbished desktop just because the testing process is less strict for the new one.

In fact, most computers that are resold as desktops are not used at all. Many desktops that are labeled as refurbished are customer returns with no defects or the packaging may have been damaged during the shipping process to the retailer. Often these products are put in different packaging or sealed properly in the same packaging but they can no longer be sold as new. They also may just have a slight cosmetic issue completely unrelated to performance.

Even most independent retailers will either perform function test themselves or verify the functionality through other companies. An older desktop with an upgraded operating system, hard drive or RAM may even have a better performance than most other desktops on the market.

There are many benefits to refurbished desktops. One advantage is the difference in cost between refurbished desktops and brand new ones. Most desktops that are sold as refurbished are significantly less in cost than those that are brand new. Savings can be up to 20 percent off. Some of the smaller independent retailers may even surprise you with larger savings- maybe even 80 percent off! Especially when you compare prices, you may be surprised at the bang you can get for your buck.

Another smaller advantage but still important is that by buying a refurbished desktop you are also helping make an environmental difference. According to the US EPA, more than 4.6 million tons of e-waste ended up in US landfills in 2000. By upgrading an older model, you are lessening the amount of waste that goes to landfills. While it may not have the sleek, new design you are looking for, the performance might be even better than a brand new desktop.

If you still have worries about the quality of the desktop you are buying as a refurbished product, it might be in your best interest to think about purchasing from a larger manufacturer versus a smaller independent retailer. While you may save more money through an independent retailer, they often do not provide warranties and sell items as is. Larger manufacturers tend to provide great warranties. So if you buy a refurbished product that doesn’t please you, you can take it back and get your money back.

The key to buying a great, refurbished desktop in Buffalo, NY is to do your research and shop around. If you can find an independent retailer with trusting reviews and a great deal, then go for it. If not, there are plenty of large manufacturers that sell refurbished products. Shop around and see what people are offering. It may just surprise you to see the kinds of deals out there.

Therefore, don’t be fooled into thinking that refurbished computers have lots of defects and are not worth the money. You can save lots of money and get great deals. Think about it, you can buy those concert tickets to your favorite band and that awesome desktop for the price you would pay for a brand new desktop. Plus you are doing your part to help the electronic waste issue that is consuming a lot of space in worldwide landfills.