Save Serious Money With Refurbished Desktops in Buffalo, NY

Buying refurbished desktops in Buffalo, NY is a great way to save money on your computer. Most 'refurbs' are as good as new, and some are even better. However, you really need to be a smart shopper if you're going to buy one because there are some scams out there.

What Are Refurbished Computers?

Refurbished desktops are desktop computers that have had some or all of their components restored. These are old computers that have been wiped clean and are now ready to use again. They're just as functional as new computers and they're sold at bargain prices. Manufacturers sell their own refurbished computers and some even offer limited warranties.

There are two kinds of refurbished computers. First, there are ones that are used for testing or diagnostic checks by manufacturers. These haven't been used much at all, but they can no longer be sold as new. This is why they'll offer them at a discount price. Some refurbished computers are units that were returned by customers because of some type of system failure.

How Much You Can Save

With models that are still being sold new in Buffalo, NY, you can save anywhere from 10 to 25% on the new price. This is a great deal if you can still get the same or a similar warrantee. It's also a good deal because refurbished computers are more likely to work well compared to other new models. The reason is that they're actually more strenuously tested and inspected. In effect, they've been repaired in order to be put back on the market. This often means a better and faster performance.

The Disadvantages Of Buying 'Refurbs'

The main disadvantage of buying refurbished computers is that you sometimes end up paying almost the same price as a new one. If you're only saving a couple of dollars, you might as well buy new. You'll get a better warrantee out of it just in case something goes wrong with it.

There are also lots of unscrupulous companies selling used computers in Buffalo, NY and passing them off as 'refurbished.' This is something that anyone who's not a computer expert might miss. They may flat-out lie about its speed and specs in order to sell it at a price well over what it's worth. If you're going to be refurbished, make sure you can tell if it's the real deal or not.

Tips On Buying Used Computers

First of all, make sure you're buying from a reputable dealer. If you're buying online, do some research on the website or company and see if there are any reviews written about their services. If possible, buy from a company through a friend's recommendation.

You should always ask the dealer about their warrantee and return policy. You won't get a 3-year warrantee for a refurbished desktop, but it's fairly standard to get a few months. Find out how quickly they can repair parts if there is a problem. You should also ask about their fail rate. This means the percentage of their computers that experience failures. The industry standard is 12%.

Buying refurbished desktops can really save you some money in Buffalo, NY, but make sure that you shop smart and get the best deal possible.